/ opendir-dl

OpenDir-DL Project

This post simply serves to introduce the OpenDir-DL project, as I intend to follow up with more detailed and technical posts about updates about the project.

Open directories can be pretty large, and sometimes it can be frustrating to find some resource in particular- especially if the server is a little slow. This project aims to make it easier to search and index the sites, making future searches easier and quicker.

[email protected]:~$ pip install git+https://github.com/bplower/opendir-dl
[email protected]:~$ opendir-dl
        opendir-dl help [options]
        opendir-dl index [options] [--quick] [--depth=<int>] <resource>...
        opendir-dl search [options] [--inclusive] [--rawsql] <terms>...
        opendir-dl download [options] <index>...
        opendir-dl tag list [options]
        opendir-dl tag create [options] <name>
        opendir-dl tag delete [options] <name>
        opendir-dl tag update [options] <name> <index>
        opendir-dl database list [options]
        opendir-dl database create [options] <name> [--type=<type>] [--resource=<resource>]
        opendir-dl database delete [options] <name>...

The project is versioned through Github here. The package will eventually be installable via pypi once the code base settles down.